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CarbonSmart is a provocative daisy-chain conversation where guests ask the questions. Join sustainability leader, CEO of carbon recycling company LanzaTech, Jennifer Holmgren, as she sits down with friends, shares questions from her previous guests and sparks conversations around the state of our planet, innovation, social justice, and how policy and industry can bend the carbon curve.

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WHO CARES? is a podcast that illuminates how The Caring Economy, based on the principles of inclusivity, equity, and regenerative systems, is a positive and powerful model for people and planet. Women4Solutions members invite guests from different disciplines and world regions to share how their work contributes to the Caring Economy and how every day citizens can be part of this seminal movement to co-create positive change in our world.


Kip Clark, Lead Engineer

Kip is an audio editor and digital media producer for NPR affiliate station, WGBH in Boston. He has been a content creator, host, producer, and editor for a critical thought podcast production, broadcasting over one hundred and sixty weekly episodes to date. 


What is "On Purpose" Podcasting?

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Because our team has been involved with podcasting since the early days, we are often asked to help out others interested in getting their message out via this medium. We're happy to help, as long as it's with purpose, on purpose

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