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2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

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Denmark, Sweden, Finland ranked top of SDG Index, yet all face major challenges in achieving SDGs.
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The SDGs can be operationalized through six SDG Transformations.
High level political commitment to SDGs falling short of historic promises.
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Trends on climate (SDG13) and biodiversity (SDG14 and SDG15) are alarming.
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Sustainable land-use, healthy diets require integrated agric, climate, health policy interventions.
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High-income countries generate high environmental and socio-economic spillover effects.
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Human rights and freedom of speech are in danger in numerous countries.
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Eradicating poverty and strengthening equity remain important policy priorities.
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2019 SDG U.S. PROGRESS | Summary Fundings

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U.S. SDG SCORE:      74.5%

U.S. SDG RANK:        35 | 162